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As an attorney, I know that when people come to me for help they are often scared and confused. After an arrest or informed of a police investigation there is usually a whirlwind of emotions that a client experiences. If arrested or being investigated for a crime you may feel nervous, angry or in a fear. All of these thoughts are to be expected and are shared by nearly all of the clients we represent.

A top lawyer is one who gets results; but is also a person who listens and most importantly, cares about what happens to clients on their watch. Each person comes to us from a different background, with different hardships and unique potential challenges we can overcome together.

When a person comes to us after being arrested they sometimes feel vulnerable or weak. They may feel powerless as to where to turn for legal protection and what actions to take now to be in the best hands possible. As a defense lawyer for over twenty five years, I believe I have a good understanding of what someone is looking for when reaching out to me for help.

I have stressed throughout my website that it is important to know that you can call me for free. Anytime. Here you will find the “Truths” Top Lawyers Wish People Knew and other valuable information to help you find the best criminal defense attorney for your needs. Whether I am privileged to represent you, one you care for or simply available to ease your mind as to how to move forward following criminal charges, I am always here to provide you with the guidance you need.

When charged or being investigated for a crime it is important to understand that one must act quickly to preserve all legal rights and defenses possibly available to you. In a court of law there is only one person to be trusted when it comes to your protection; not the detective investigating you, or your buddy in the sheriff’s department; not your bail bondsmen; and not your friend or relative who may have had prior experience in a criminal court; rather the only person to consult with is a an experienced attorney.


Hopefully, you are reading this information before you have sat down with a police officer or detective to discuss your case alone. Unlike the aggressive, in your face questioning many people have come to expect from a detective from watching CSI or another cop show on TV, a skilled detective will often appear friendly, calm and work hard to earn your trust.

Fighting and yelling at one suspected of a crime might make for good television, but in reality, amounts to lousy and unproductive police work. Rather, it is through open communication that good people will be more inclined to let their guard down and say things that can be used against them later. Very rarely will an investigator who knows better intimidate or put one they seek information from in fear.

In one particularly disturbing example, I had occasion to be put on notice that a police officer had gone to the extent to pose as a disabled handicapped Vietnam veteran in a wheelchair so as to illicit sympathy and trust from the target of an investigation who was later to be arrested.

Police investigators know that incriminating statements are not always those that are the words of a guilty person. Alleged incriminating statements given without the presence of a criminal defense attorney are often those that can potentially be twisted around to fit the needs of a prosecutor who may be determined to make you the target of a criminal investigation. It is only in hindsight that good people learn that the words they freely spoke to law enforcement have suddenly been manipulated beyond their comprehension.

The natural inclination of good people is often to talk to the police. People sometimes think it best to try to “talk their way out of” being arrested or charged with a crime. Unfortunately, this is not an informed strategy but rather one that suggests weakness and potentially increases the chances for punishment.

One must understand that it is not a police officer or detective who makes decisions as to whether someone will be charged with a crime. The police officer or detective’s role is to gather information to present to a prosecutor for review. Based upon that review of evidence presented, a prosecutor decides whether charges are justified, and if so, what charges are to be initiated.

Whether acknowledged or not, the pro active involvement of a top criminal lawyer can often be a powerful influence on a prosecutor. It is the actions of a skilled and experienced defense attorney and not the unrepresented recorded statements of a person pleading to the police that will most ably ensure that one is best legally protected.

Your attorney must have the experience & reputation necessary to send a clear message to a given prosecutor that you are an individual who will not be taken advantage of. On many occasions the filing of our appearance on behalf of our client alone will send that powerful message loud and clear.

If involved early enough, an effective criminal attorney can have a positive influence in preventing the filing of baseless accusations. If certain charges are warranted, the defense attorney’s role is to demonstrate to a prosecutor that unnecessary criminal charges will be vigorously challenged if filed.

Our criminal justice system is not always fair. It is not always just. Far too many individuals with limited financial resources are unfortunately victimized by a court system that is ill equipped to provide legal protection to those unable to afford adequate legal counsel. Many prosecutors are too often empowered to punish defendants without restriction due to the inadequacy of public defenders who may have been appointed to represent individuals unable to retain private legal counsel.

In other cases a local prosecutor may not always be challenged by a local general practice attorney without either the will and/or knowledge to confront an unreasonable policy stance of a given county prosecutor.

As top criminal lawyers our objective is to demonstrate early and often to the prosecution that the effort we expend on behalf of our clients will be unmatched. Our results in nearly every county in Indiana speak for themselves. In turn it is our objective to make sure that you become another successful client who will speak for our abilities on the road to a successful future.

It is our goal for our legal representation to be unique and worthy of your trust. Toward that end we invite you to call us with any and all questions you may have about your case and how we can go about providing you with the legal assistance you deserve.