Sex Offenses

We are Sex Crime Attorneys who will stand with you when you need us most. Being accused of a sex crime can be one of the most stressful times of one’s life. For many, it is hard to know where to turn for help and support when such an accusation strikes. When in need of a top quality defense lawyer for any internet pornography, prostitution or solicitation prosecution, we are here to defend you.

At Stark Law Offices, we understand the pain that can consume your life if you or one you care for has become the focus of law enforcement. We know the embarrassment and humiliation that can come to one caught up in a solicitation, prostitution or internet pornography arrest and understand that preserving family bonds is often just as important as a successful resolution of a criminal case. For twenty five years we have fought all sexually related charges in both state and federal courts and have a broad understanding of a client’s needs to not only preserve essential freedoms but also spousal and family relationships.

It is our hope that in Stark Law Offices you have found a legal resource you can turn to if you have become victimized by a sex related prosecution. We know the workings of sexually related prosecutions whether prosecuted under state laws or federal sentencing guidelines. Whether the case is the focus of a state or federal prosecution we have the experience necessary to help guide you in this most difficult time.

Sex related prosecutions in state court range from sexual battery, indecent exposure and prostitution/solicitation of prostitution type accusations. With the emergence of the internet and the proliferation of mobile communication, online sexually related activities have become an increasing focus of law enforcement and the Unites States Attorneys who prosecute such cases within Federal Court.

We know the fear of those who have become the focus of such a prosecution. We understand the feeling of powerless our clients have experienced when a federal agent or Indiana law enforcement official has appeared at your home with a search warrant to seize computers and other personal items you hold dear.

Federal and state prosecutions involving sex related prosecutions are in no way the same. Your sex crime attorney in Indiana must be aware of federal sentencing guidelines not present in state courts that can significantly alter the way a criminal case of this nature is defended.

Sex crime accusations can often lead to tragic injustices against those who have found themselves in the crosshairs of a politically motivated state prosecutor or United States Attorney. As each sexually related prosecution is different we encourage you to call us for free, anytime. At Stark Law Offices we pride ourselves in providing you with direct, no nonsense advice as to the steps to take when challenged by a sex crime prosecution.

Sex crimes are serious business. The defense of such cases is handled by a select few defense attorneys with a working experience in this field of law. Whether needing free advice or prompt legal protection, call us. Together, we’ll work to find the best course of action for you or someone you care for.

At Stark Law Offices we are experienced Sex Crime Attorneys with decades of criminal procedure experience in both State and Federal court. Whether accusations against you or a loved one involve an Indiana arrest for solicitation or prostitution to a federal prosecution for internet pornography, we know how to help you.